Coronavirus - Simplon


On this page, we will inform you of the newest developments and measures concerning the coronavirus in relationship to our events. Whenever there is news, we will update this page immediately.

Latest update: November 18th 12:15h

Events until the 7th of December canceled
Due to the updated corona-safety measures recently implied by the government, we have decided to close our doors until the 7th of December. The safety of our visitors, the artists, and our own is the most important reason for this. With these new measures, we can no longer provide the service and pleasure that we find necessary for a night out at Simplon. For every event, we are looking for a new date. Ticket holders will quickly be informed about this by e-mail. 

Guidelines for your visit to Simplon

General measures
– In case of complaints of the common cold, fever, and/or stuffiness you stay at home. With fever and/or stuffiness this counts for every member of your household.
– Always keep a 1.5-meter distance from others.
– We advise you to wear a mask when moving throughout the building, you can keep it off when sitting.
РWash and/or disinfect your hands regularly 

Your visit to Simplon
– Our doorman will do a swift health check at the entrance. When we doubt your health, we are allowed to deny you from accessing the venue.
– Your ticket will be scanned at the cash desk.
– There is no wardrobe, you can hang your coat/jacket on your chair.
– Within the venue, our staff will assign you to a seat. If you are from the same household or the same social group, you are allowed to sit next to each other.
– Prior to or during the concert you can buy your drinks in front of the window at the bar (Pin only). Due to tot the new corona-safety measures our bar closes at 21:45, after 22:00 it will be unfortunately restricted to consume any drinks.
– Remember to keep a 1,5-meter distance from our staff.
– Make sure that your behavior does not lead to the spread of saliva particles, think singing along, screaming, or whistling on the fingers.
– While visiting the toilet mind each other and keep a distance. Always wash your hands after using the toilet.
– When the show ends, calmly leave the venue and keep enough distance from other visitors.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would inform us on time if you are hindered or sick through Until three days prior to the event, it is still possible to retrieve the money for your purchased ticket.