Coronavirus - Simplon


On this page we will inform you on the latest movements regarding the coronavirus and our shows. As soon as there is news, we will update this page.

Last update: 31st of March 15:30h

Simplon will close until the 1st of June!
As the government told us in their corona press conference all events will be cancelled until the 1st of June. This means that all our events until the 1st of June will be canceled. For every event we will look at an alternative date, your tickets will stay valid for this new moment. Guests will be informed about this as quickly as possible through our website, social media and mail.

Information about changed events
Our shows have been cancelled/postponed until the 1st of June. Below you can find a list of all affected shows with extra information.

March 13: Engel – cancelled
March 14: McScallywag – postponed to June 5
March 19: POPgroningen Talent Award #1 – postponed, no new date yet
March 20: The Overslept – postponed to September 25
March 21: Bassface XXVI – postponed to September 26
March 26: POPgroningen Talent Award #2 – postponed, no new date yet
March 27: Darlyn – postponed to October 17
March 27: Yowsah! – cancelled
March 31: Rookruimte Uitvaart – cancelled
April 2: UP Abdomen + Drowning Echo – postponed to October 22
April 2: Rootsriders – Postponed to June 26
April 3: ANBU – postponed to June 13
April 4: Bishop Nehru – postponed to October 2
April 9: M.O.P. Рpostponed to September 18
April 9: UP Blankenberge – more info soon

April 10: De Likt – more info soon
April 11: Cry & Wally A$M – more info soon
April 11: Sputnik – postponed to June 20
April 22: Comedy Night – postponed to October 14
April 24: De Kraaien – postponed to November 21
April 26: Koningskopje Рcancelled 
April 30: The Skatalites – more info soon
May 1: Ongehoord – postponed, no new date yet
May 2: Rob Dekay Рpostponed to October 16
May 2: Vunzige Deuntjes – postponed, no new date yet
May 8: FATA BOOM – more info soon
May 9: Dope D.O.D. – postponed to September 11
May 9: .ROOTS – postponed to June 6
– more info soon
May 16: Russian Village Boys – postponed to January 29
May 29: blackwave. – more info soon


I have tickets for an event, what will happen?
Our events have been cancelled until the 1st of June. We will keep track of every update and follow the instructions from the RIVM. If there is news about one of the shows, people who bought tickets will be informed by mail.

I don’t want to go to a certain show anymore now. Can I return my tickets?
The normal terms about returning tickets are still valid. At this moment we cannot take your tickets back. When you have a ticket for a show that has been cancelled or postponed, you will receive an email with more information.