Ongehoord - Simplon


3 Year Anniversary

Vr 3 Juli 2020
Waar: Grote zaal
Open: 23:59 - 05:00 uur
Aanvang: 23:59 uur
VVK: € 3,-
DVK: € 5,-
Genre: Eclectic
Leeftijd: 18+

On the 3rd of July we will celebrate three years of Ongehoord. Those are years of melting every thinkable genre together, three years of you dancing your socks off to music you’ve never heard before and three years of bringing people together who might not have met each other otherwise.

We are amazed to see so many people getting out of their comfort zone over and over again and we are happy to satisfy your hunger for new sounds, rhythms and vibes. Thanks to your steady support, we can add a 3rd candle to the cake during this massive birthday party!

Also lots of love to our loyal club and all of the artists who have contributed their piece to the unbounded melting pot of electronic music, visual art and ‘gezellig’-ness.

◭ Line-up ◭
Emil Srush
Will Jr.
Freek Strano
Christian Thomas
Saint Grey
Peter Evers

◭ VJ ◭

◭ Artwork ◭
Joanna Smolonska