Maurino - Simplon


Fr 30 September 2022
Location: Bovenzaal Open: 20:00 Start: 20:45 Ticket: €10,- Genre: Future Latin
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Danceable, raw and personal: Maurino has a unique ‘Future Latin’ sound. Reggae drums, jazzy piano and a thick bass line; even a sample of the heartbeat of his newborn daughter has been processed into music, accompanied by his deep-hearted voice and socially critical Spanish lyrics.

Maurino Alarcón will forever be known as the mastermind behind Fiesta Macumba, the largest Latin festival in the Netherlands with its own tent at Lowlands. He is also known as the frontman and singer-songwriter of the band TenTemPiés, with whom he performed their very last show in a sold-out Paradiso. Now it’s time for a new challenge; he has traveled to Portugal to dive into the studio with keyboardist and producer Jori Collignon. Hungry to tell his own story, Maurino developed a new sound with Jori. Fiercer than urban, yet equally danceable.

“Music is my therapy”, and Maurino knows how to take the whole audience with him. No concert without a stagedive, no one plays with the energy of the audience like he does. Ever seen a moshpit develop at a Latin concert? With Maurino Alarcón on stage, anything is possible!