Lena Hessels - Simplon

Lena Hessels

+ Liza Dries

Fr 7 April 2023
Location: Bovenzaal Open: 20:00 Start: 20:45 Ticket: €12,- Genre: Pop
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Warm bedroompop with a dark edge, that’s Lena Hessels. She sings songs about love and desire, and can sound disarming and seductive. What especially shines in her music is her unique and adult confidence. Her music was already picked up by, among others, 3voor12 and de Volkskrant. In short: this new pop artist-in-making is not to be missed!

Lena was only eight(!) years old when she was on a stage for the first time. As the daughter of Terrie Hessels, the guitarist of The Ex, she knew from an early age what life on the road was about. And she knew one thing for sure: she also wanted to be on stage. But where she could have chosen to walk the same path as her father, she opted for an alternative path. Inspired by artists such as FKA Twigs and Sevdaliza, the singer started to write songs from her bedroom, of which Billow from 2018 was the first achievement.

The artist has grown incredibly in recent years. At her latest work she found a cooperation partner in Tender Blom (Pip Blom), and thereby the possibilities of the studio. As a result, the singer has emerged into an electropop artist, in which throbbing basslines, sweaty club vibe and devious arrangements are apparent. With new work on the way, the rising star goes on her very first tour, where she also visits Simplon. Expect a wonderful performance that you will stay with for a long time.

There will be support from Liza Dries. This artist and producer focuses on the crossovers of experimental sounds and ethereal pop music. Her songs depict a world much softer than reality, where intimate themes are alienated by digital, glitchy sounds and voice distortions.