Akua Naru - Simplon

Akua Naru

Th 6 April 2023
Location: Grote zaal Open: 20:00 Start: 20:45 Ticket: €20,- Genre: Hiphop/Jazz
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Akua Naru has shown with her smooth voice, melodic spoken word and sensual flows, how jazz and hip-hop go well together for years. Inspired by the lyrics she came up with at a young age in the neighborhoods of New Haven, Connecticut, fused with a deep interest in social issues and politics, Akua Naru has become a world-class artist.

The American (and German resident) rapper/soul singer broke through in 2011 with her debut album ‘The Journey Aflame’. Her music shows a fondness for nineties hip-hop and Akua Naru is often compared to Lauryn Hill. Recently, she has been collaborating with Brooklyn-based duo The Ruff Pack. In the spring of 2022 they will release the joint album ‘The Black Magnificent’. The album represents music as a political issue, it is a call to action. Akua Naru will be preforming this new and upcoming material with her six-piece band in the main stage of Simplon!