Geannuleerd: Yowsah! - Simplon

Geannuleerd: Yowsah!

Deejay Irie + Ingo the Gringo

Vr 27 Maart 2020
Waar: Café Open: 23:00 - 04:00 uur Aanvang: 23:00 uur Gratis Genre: House / Hiphop / Funk Leeftijd: 18+
⇢ Corona update – This Yowsah! edition cancelled ⇠
Because of the new Corona-prevention rules we have decided to cancel this Yowsah edition. Of course we will be back, and we hope we can continue the funk in June! We’ll keep you updated in this event and on our website. For more information about the coronavirus, check our special information page here.

Yowsah! A monthly party jam-packed with boogie heat, hip hop hoorays, and further funky affairs, all served on Simplon’s most intimate dancefloor.

This edition Ingo the Gringo is joined by world-renowned Deejay Irie, ready to make the night unforgettable with his eclectic style and scratch skills.

Swing on by to get on down!