Turfy Gang - Simplon

Turfy Gang

+ Yung Volwassen

Fr 17 November 2023
Location: Grote zaal Open: 20:00 Start: 20:45 Ticket: €16,- Genre: Pop
sold out

“Ik ga d’r bellen, kom mee padellen.” Turfy Gang is a sensation that never fails to surprise. The seven hockey boys from Maarssen, with their positive energy and lyrics that many students can relate to, keep delivering one hit after another.

The musical career of Turfy Gang began as an out-of-hand joke. The boys made their own music to listen to while chilling. They had a Sonos device to play their music on, but Sonos couldn’t connect to Soundcloud. So, they had no choice but to upload their homemade tracks to Spotify. And, coincidentally or not, their music became a huge hit there. And a visit to FunX, where they performed their single ‘Buren’ live, marked their breakthrough. With this hit, they garnered more than 12 million streams on Spotify alone – earning them their first gold record!

The group continues to score hits, from ‘Vakantie’ with Fokke Simons to ‘Mooi Van Ver’ with The Partysquad and LA$$A. In December 2022, the boys embarked on their first club tour, and they released ‘Nieuwe Dag’ especially for that occasion. In March of the following year, they released their latest hit, ‘Padellen.’ This track became a huge success on TikTok. In 2023, the boys are back in action, and they’re coming to Simplon to make some noise!

Support: Yung Volwassen

Yung Volwassen is an energetic hip-hop/pop act with irresistibly infectious enthusiasm and danceable vibes. The two friends are in their twenties, right in the midst of their eternal youth, and far from ready to dive into the real adult life.

With topics like being broke, having sex with your ex, or just wanting to be alone for a while, 3voor12 described their music as ‘lyrics with distinctive humor that everyone can relate to.’ All of this is accompanied by catchy beats that incorporate influences ranging from house, funk, and trap.