Ntjam Rosie & SMANDEM. - Simplon

Ntjam Rosie & SMANDEM.

ELLE-Reworked Tour

Sa 3 June 2023
Location: Grote zaal Open: 20:00 Start: 20:45 Ticket: €17,50 Genre: Soul / Jazz
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Ntjam Rosie has an unconventional vision of jazz and soul and a characteristic sound with African influences. Her second album ELLE from 2010, which won the Edison Jazzism Music Award, opened many doors for her. The experiences, thoughts and feelings of Ntjam Rosie’s family and friends form the basis of her lyrics, with a heart-warming result. So expect an uplifting vibe when she comes to Simplon!

Since the release of her album ELLE in 2010, Cameroonian-born Ntjam Rosie has built up a loyal fan base at home and abroad. She didn’t sit still after that: she released a number of albums, of which her previous album Family and Friends from 2020 was very well received by the press and public. Rosie is also no stranger to the theatre. For example, in 2022 she participated in the prize-winning theater performance Dear Winnie.

Rosie continued to develop musically, and twelve years after ELLE her fresh look at new music and energy is just as evident. For that reason she decided with the Amsterdam jazz musicians of SMANDEM. to take a selection of songs from ELLE and bring them to the present. How would they sound in the hands and ears of a new generation of musicians? It appeared to result in a simultaneously rough and soft sound. The EP Elle-Reworked will be released in April 2023. It will be followed by Ntjam Rosie & SMANDEM. on tour together, and they don’t forget Simplon!