Vrijwilligers - Simplon


As a volunteer for Simplon you get many advantages. You will be on the guest list for all events, you get discount on drinks en you will be joining a very enthusiastic team. You wanna know more about working as a volunteer at Simplon? Keep on reading!


Catering volunteers
We can always use people that are willing to work once in a while as a catering volunteer. Examples are: running the bar, scanning tickets, taking jackets or putting stamps on the wrists of the audience. The cool thing about working at Simplon is that you don’t need experience, we will transform you into a real Simploniër! Does is seem cool to work here? Send an email to Aaron. Mail: volunteers@simplon.nl

Promotion volunteers
For every event we make cool posters that need to hang throughout the city. You probably saw these poster spots or bars where they have a wall full of poster. These spots need to be full with Simplon posters. This can be your task as a volunteer! Armed with a bag full of posters and a list with addresses you will be walking for a maximum of two hours through the city. Wanna bet that you will be knowing the city within a few runs? If you are interested you can send our marketing person Rianne an email! Mail: pr@simplon.nl

Technique volunteers
Are you interested in light- and sound technique? In that case we are searching for you, as we are searching for more technique volunteers. It is essential for a lighting technician to have a good sense of the atmosphere, rhythm, and to have a broad music taste. Compensation is possible for concerts and dance. Are you interested? Send an email to Jort: techniek@simplon.nl