Vrijwilligers - Simplon


Lately we organise increasingly more events at Simplon and therefore we are searching for extra people to strengthen our team. Being a volunteer at Simplon brings many advantages: you build a network, obtain experience and are able to visit all our events for free.


Catering volunteers
Simplon is searching for enthusiastic volunteers to work at the bar, pay desk and wardrobe. Experience in catering is a pre, however, an involved, positive and active attitude is almost more important. More info via Niels: niels@simplon.nl

Promotion volunteers
Simplon is searching for people that want to spread promotion material throughout the city (at shops, cafes, schools, etc.). You will obtain a list with addresses of where you can leave the flyers/posters. Interested? Send Rianne an email: pr@simplon.nl

Technique volunteers
Are you interested in light- and sound technique? In that case we are searching for you, as we are searching for more technique volunteers. It is essential for a lighting technician to have a good sense of the atmosphere, rhythm, and to have a broad music taste. Compensation is possible for concerts and dance. Are you interested? Send an email to Jort: techniek@simplon.nl

Artist hosts
As an artist host, you are the contact person for the artists in Simplon during a production. For example, it is important to ensure that the backstage is ready, to eat with the artists and ensure that the artists go on stage on time. Thus, you will do everything to ensure that the artists are satisfied. It is important for an artist host to be hospitable and to handle stress well. Are you the person we are looking for? Send an email to Niels: niels@simplon.nl