VISION - Simplon


Synergy + Billain & more

Za 14 Oktober 2023
Waar: Grote zaal Open: 23:59 - 05:00 uur Aanvang: 23:59 uur Ticket: €20,- Genre: Bass Leeftijd: 18+
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Following a successful edition in June that left Simplon astir, VISION is set to make its return in October with a fresh-line-up featuring Synergy, Billain, YAANO, Dez and Bella Hall.

As heavyweights in the scene, Groningen-based record label VISION, has established itself as a notable force by collaborating with esteemed bass music names, while simultaneously providing a platform for emerging talents. This support is extended through their label, radio show, and live events, underscoring their commitment to nurturing the next generation of artists.

Originally from Russia and currently situated in France, Evgenii and Igor united their ideas to form a joint endeavor: Synergy. Their unique sonic craftsmanship merges melodic techno with a wide range of electronic elements into Drum & Bass, establishing an equilibrium between melody and high energy.

Billain, recognized for his innovative and harmonious approach to music, has gained a reputation for his extensive sound design contributions in films, audiovisual projects, video games, and his own musical releases.

Having self-educated himself in the techniques and theories of music production within the realm of Techno, he eventually discovered a profound connection to the vast possibilities of experimentation presented in the intricate beats of Drum and Bass.

With few names in DnB so synonymous with the advancement of sonic ideas, narrative concepts and the incorporation of technology and visuals into his output – his consistent exploration of new hybrid combinations of these elements distinguishes him within the scene.

Originally from Jersey, this talented young producer has recently broken into the scene with his extremely well honed production. His take is fresh yet refined and, with clear jungle influences, his unique style effortlessly covers all corners of the underground drum and bass spectrum. From his deeper cuts like ‘Feel You’ to his club ready “Lust’ & ‘Acid’ to the heavier side of the spectrum with ‘Christian Dubstep’. With releases on VISION,  Critical, DIVIDED & Overview to name a few, there are no limits on what’s next to come for this young man.

After releasing an EP and a Noisia remix on VISION, it is time to get this Portuguese producer to Groningen! Formerly part of Bassbrothers, Dez distinguishes himself with a firm commitment to emulating and honoring vintage sounds, clever sampling and an adept production technique. Tip from us: listen to his Selecta EP!

Bella Hall
Bella Hall is an emerging talent within the Rotterdam music scene, known for her captivating and dynamic fusion of sub-bass elements. No stranger to a 2-step, her skillful selections have garnered widespread acclaim and we are proud to welcome her on this VISION night.