VISION - Simplon


Black Sun Empire + Levela & more

Za 17 Februari 2024
Waar: Grote zaal Open: 23:59 - 05:00 uur Aanvang: 23:59 uur Ticket: €17,- Genre: Bass Leeftijd: 18+
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VISION returns for 2024! We kick off with none other than Black Sun Empire, Levela, gyrofield, Koarse and Seven-Headed.

As heavyweights in the scene, Groningen-based record label VISION, has established itself as a notable force by collaborating with esteemed bass music names, while simultaneously providing a platform for emerging talents. This support is extended through their label, radio show, and live events, underscoring their commitment to nurturing the next generation of artists.

Black Sun Empire (NL)
Do they even need an introduction? Fellow dutchies Micha Heyboer, Milan Heyboer, and Rene Verdult have been at the forefront of electronic music innovation since 1997. From their early days blending dark atmospheres with cutting-edge techniques to the genre-defining “Driving Insane” in 2004, they’ve consistently pushed drum and bass boundaries.

Levela (UK)
A dynamic force in the drum and bass scene, Levela has carved his own niche with a distinctive and powerful sound. Hailing from the United Kingdom, he has been a prominent figure in the genre since emerging onto the scene. Known for his relentless energy and meticulous attention to detail, his tracks often find their way into the sets of top-tier DJs, solidifying his reputation as a producer with a profound influence on the dancefloor.

gyrofield (UK)
No stranger to the VISION team, we’re very happy to welcome back gyrofield. A self-taught writer and musician, their work is born from an interweaving relationship with electronic music. There is a beating heart at the core of every gyrofield piece, but adorned and dishevelled with layers of interpreted life and absorbed culture. Make sure to check out their VISION release ‘Stimulus’.

Koarse (NL)
Meet Koarse, a rising force in the realm of bass music. His self-described ‘fast futuristic rave music’ propels listeners into a sonic adventure. Get yourself ready for his Dead Limit Gabber Edit and more!

Seven-Headed (NL)
A vigorous talent hailing from the north of our country. Having shown his skillful mixes at Relate Radio, we’re very excited to see him opening our VISION night.