Spoelstra + Kirril - Simplon

Spoelstra + Kirril

Simplon UP

Th 21 October 2021
Location: Bovenzaal Open: 20:30 Start: 21:00 Ticket: €3,- Genre: Ambient / Industrial
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Far-fetched mutations of noise rock, country, math, avant-garde, electro and country. What Spoelstra comes up with, like a man with a guitar, a synthesizer, samplers and effect, is in many ways asking for trouble on the dance floor. This is exactly what Spoelstra embraces, and thinks shrill riffs, loose strings, stumbling rhythms and tear-jerking twists, only add power to the song.

Kirril is a  producer from Groningen, making Industrial psychedelic music. Heavily inspired by a chaotic lifestyle involving squatting and illegal parties, Kirril started doing livesets in 2007, working with second hand gear, sometimes found on the side of the road or in squatted buildings: Old 90’s computers, cassette decks, drumcomputers and broken down mixers. Since his lo-fi beginning in the first years, he has gone on to use more modern production techniques. He has steadily released a string of Albums and EP´s over the last decade, with a sound that is dark, psychedelic and often distorted and direct. His last release is a self-titled cassette album that was released this month on the Dutch label Tartarus Records. Next year in Januari, his EP Nocturnal will be released on the Industrial label Revok Records that is situated in London and Tokyo.