Short Movie Night - Simplon

Short Movie Night

The Man From Death + Root Of The Problem & more

Do 12 Mei 2016
Waar: Kleine zaal Open: 20:30 - 23:00 uur Aanvang: 21:30 uur Gratis Genre: Movies

It’s time for our third Short Movie Night and we thought it was time to test your nerves with some short horror movies. This is an excellent idea, because you know the terror won’t last longer than a few minutes if you really can’t bear it.

We’ve selected a few classic themes like ‘oh daddy, will you check under my bed for any monsters’ but we put in something a little more disturbing as well. Muhahaha. After the break we’ll go a little easier on you with some lighter genres because we do not wish to scare you away forever. Expect some experimetal, funny stuff and even a kungfu-western type short movie. Hooray!

Tuck Me In | Ignacio F. Rodó | 1 min | Horror
“Daddy, will you check under my bed for monsters?”

He Dies At The End | Damien McCarthy | 4 min | Thriller
Would you want to know the exact day you’ll die?

Lights Out | David F. Sandberg | 3 min | Horror
When you get home you will duckttape all the lightswitches so they’ll never turn off, ever again.

Root Of The Problem | Ryan Spindell | 14 min |
‘Root’, in this case has something to do with your mouth as this is a story about the d e n t i s t.


The iMom | Ariel Martin | 13 min | Dark Comedy
To ease the transition between horror and reality we’ve selected this movie. You’ll never complain about your mother again.

Baths (Laznia) | Tomek Ducki | 4 min | Experimental
A story about wrinkly people.

A Reasonable Request | Andrew Laurich | 8 min | Dark Comedy
What would you do for a lot of money?

The Man From Death | Stephan Reedy | 14 min | Western
Obviously we can’t send you home without confronting you with this batshit-crazy-kungfu movie disguised as a Western.