Quique - Simplon


+ Mariposa

Vr 24 November 2023
Waar: Grote zaal Open: 20:00 uur Aanvang: 20:45 uur Ticket: €17,- Genre: Latin / Pop / Hiphop

Urban-pop with influences of reggaeton, R&B, hip-hop, and Afro-pop: That’s Quique. The Amsterdam native (real name Enrique Ebbink) is a rising talent. Over the past few years, he has set many stages on fire, garnered millions of plays, and reached fans with his original tracks. Now, with a backpack full of hits and Lowlands festival on the agenda, summer and the festival season lie at his feet.

Quique grew up in Amsterdam as the child of a Dutch father and a Colombian mother. In a family where dance and music take center stage, he quickly had a guitar placed in his hands, attended music school as a child, and became a student at the Herman Brood Academy. Thanks to his family in Colombia, he got to know Latin American music culture; the Latin-pop and reggaeton.

And you can hear those influences in his tracks: with bilingual flow in Spanish and Dutch, the artist doesn’t easily confine himself. And with new material like the top 40 hit ‘Camino,’ ‘Todo La Noche,’ and ‘Tu Sabes,’ Quique, along with his band, sets the bar sky-high for the festival season. He kicked off this season with a phenomenal show at the Groningen Liberation Festival. The energy that radiates from the stage will be put to use by Enrique this year at events like Paaspop, Lowlands festival, and of course, Simplon!

Support: Mariposa

The Colombian and Italian artist Mariposa is redefining how Latin rap looks at the age of 25. She does this by combining her versatile style with a do-it-yourself aesthetic. Mariposa belongs to a new generation that dares to blur the boundaries and immerse themselves in between cultures, genres, and languages. She draws inspiration from the experiences that have spoken to her pain, from which she derives new strength. This summer, she released her first EP, titled ‘Otro Mundo.’ You can admire this magical talent on November 24th at Simplon!