Poodle + Diamonds//Honey - Simplon

Simplon UP:
Poodle + Diamonds//Honey

Do 1 Juni 2023
Waar: Bovenzaal Open: 20:30 uur Aanvang: 21:00 uur Ticket: €3,- Genre: Garage / Rock
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This band from Rotterdam and Utrecht, Poodle makes fluffy garagerock which makes it hard to sit still!  The band that was founded in 2020 and consist of Natasja, Wies, Nelleke, Paul and Jette makes uptempo songs with a good amount of percussion in the mix. It’s close to punk, but a bit less hard, somewhat stubborn and happy in terms of melody. 

The songs on their new EP sound like summer, including songs like ‘Astro TV’ which was nominated for ‘Rotterdamse Track of the Year 2022’. Natasja Bökkerink tells a local newspaper InDeBuurt Rotterdam; ‘’I learned a lot about women in punk music and feminism in high school. That inspired me to make music myself and start a band.’’ These influences are clearly heard in the music Poodle makes. With songs about young adult life: the world opens up to you and the opportunities seem to be there for the taking, and yet the uncertainty is greater than ever. But mostly, Poodle is about having fun and writing about whatever they want; pets, dentists and frustration about printers for example. Their most popular song, ‘Labracadabrador’, is inspired by a joke about a dog The music might remind you of Hinds, Wet leg, FIDLAR, FEET and Iguana Death Cult.

Sparkling and sweet but with a sharp edge that stands out. This promises to be a great night in which the band sweeps us away with their rock songs! DIAMONDS//HONEY makes music for people who would preferably like to spend their days dancing, shouting and jumping.  The band is from the North in The Netherlands and consists of five musicians who each love raw riffs, sharp song texts and poison sweet aesthetics. Naturally they were nominated in 2022 for ‘Friese song of the Year’! 

After five years of intensely playing together,  their music is comparable to bands like Wolf Alice and Paramore; power poprock with a female lead.  Frontwoman Cath Harryvan and songwritingpartners Ian Wijma and Joost Wegter create an attitude which is un-Dutch exciting and knows how to drag the listener along both live and on record. After, among other things, Liberation Festival Fryslân 2023 and a Pinguin Radio showcase at ESNS, the band is more than ready for our stage at UP!