Homeboy Sandman - Simplon

Homebase presents:
Homeboy Sandman

+ Deejay Irie

Vr 3 Maart 2023
Waar: Bovenzaal Open: 20:00 uur Aanvang: 20:45 uur Ticket: €16,- Genre: Hiphop
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I am the STILL CHAMPION. Homeboy Sandman, the rapper from Queens, New York, is one of the most authentic and witty underground rappers of the past two decades. His boom-bap sound is contemporary and refreshing. But most striking is Sandman’s rap style, which alternates between spoken word and rap. An artist for the real hip-hop connoisseur, and let that be exactly what a Homebase show represents!

One would say law school is an unlikely place for a hip-hop epiphany. Yet Sandman started his rap career while studying at the Ivy League. Maybe that’s what makes him such a unique and sharp voice in hip-hop. After his debut album in 2007, he released his critically acclaimed album Actual Factual Pterodactyl in 2008. His role as a recording artist on Stones Throw Records should also not be underestimated, helping to keep the label on its feet after the death of J Dilla. In addition to his solo work, Sandman has also released many albums in collaboration with Aesop Rock (as the duo Lice), and has featured on tracks by Blu & Exile and billy woods.

The rapper released his latest album Still Champion in 2022, a record full of positivity and wonderfully soulful production. Or, in his own words: ‘chicken soup for the soul, mixed in a pot with the best Ted Talk you’ve ever heard’. It’s a triumph for Sandman, who, after going through a lot of hardship, is finally creating from a happy headspace again. He will undoubtedly bring that energy with him on his tour, during which he will also visit Simplon!

Support is as always from Deejay Irie.