Hilbrandt + Delore - Simplon

Hilbrandt + Delore

Simplon UP

Do 27 Juni 2019
Waar: Kleine zaal Open: 20:30 - 23:30 uur Aanvang: 21:30 uur Ticket: €3,- Deur: €3,- Genre: Synthrock / Nederpop
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“We race on neon-lit highways, everyone on their own stepped-up motor. We want to go harder, I want to win from you, flat through the bend, knee to the ground, I’m catching up. It is night and in the moonlight we are encouraged by bald heads, shiny tracksuits and golden teeth. You can smell oil, piss, weed, blood and burnt rubber. But then we hear the voice from The Ravine.” On the stage Hilbrandt seems to be too fast for you, they take you on the highway and then stop for a second. The sharpening Auto-Tune in combination with pounding and yet dance-able synth rock provides air between our feet and the floor. Just put aside the daily routine for a second and let your blood flow faster.

With a wink to the thoughts and desires of front woman Liza Bloem, Delore plays a set with in-depth texts and long tension arcs. The songs are about places you want to be or experiences in love. The band gives the Dutch language a fresh character again: dreamy atmospheres, velvety soft vocals and a plurality of crystal-clear guitar parts.