Freaks Of The Forest - Simplon

Freaks Of The Forest

Schizoid Bears + Cosmic Sadhu & more

Vr 24 Februari 2017
Waar: Grote zaal Open: 23:00 - 06:00 uur Aanvang: 23:00 uur Ticket: €7,50 Deur: €10,- Genre: Psytrance Leeftijd: 18+
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Freaks Of The Forest is a Forest style Psy-Trance party, hosted by 3rd BIT Events. This night all Gnomes, Wizards and Pixies will come to Simplon, to enjoy the magical sounds from the deep forest.


Schizoid Bears [ Forest Freaks – LT ]
Schizoid Bears is a psytrance project driven from 2010 by two friends, P. Tale and C.Monster, founders of the Forest Freaks team. With their dreamlike, hypnotic style of Forest, Schizoid Bears will take you deeper into a nocturnal wonderland filled with ethereal atmospheres, shimmering melodies, and pulsating bass lines.

Cosmic Sadhu [ Independent – LT ]
Cosmic Sadhu is a psychedelic trance activist from Lithuania, now living in Rotterdam. Inspired by the light of stars shining through the dark night in the middle of a desert, Cosmic Sadhu attempts to connect inner and outer realities.


Corka’an [ Independent ]
Shivanki [ 3rd BIT / Lucid Spirit rec. ]
Paul B [ 3rd BIT / Forest Freaks ]
Nilezz [ 3rd BIT ]
Aquatone [ Independent ]
Kayrunchy [ 3rd BIT ]
Wichuri [ 3rd BIT ]

Full Fluo Deco by Flowing with the Glowing.