Evil Invaders - Simplon

Evil Invaders

+ Angelus Apatrida + Schizophrenia

Do 5 Maart 2020
Waar: Grote zaal
Open: 20:00 - 23:00 uur
Aanvang: 20:15 uur
VVK: € 15,-
DVK: € 15,-
Genre: Metal
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Energetic songs, catchy melodies, flashing solos and the high reach of frontman Joe. Evil Invaders is back at Simplon for some hard thrash metal! Last time in the sold-out small stage, now playing on the big stage!

The band already had built a good live reputation in their home country. When in 2013 their titleless EP came out, other countries also loved it. Their first album came out in 2015, it meant a prominent place in the thrash metal culture. Two years later their second album named ‘Feed Me Violence’ came out on the well-known label Napalm Records.

Since the release of their first album ‘Evil Unleashed’ in 2006 the band Angelus Apatrida doesn’t need an introduction. The sixth album ‘Cabaret De La Guillotine’ is full of razor-sharp riffs en has the perfect balance between melody, aggression en good song structures. Musically Angelus apatrida stands like a house and they play great Oldschool thrash metal as we know from the Bay Area. The band can easily be prepared with ‘Death Angel’ and ‘Testament’.