EMI Music Night - Simplon

EMI Music Night

Di 7 Mei 2024
Waar: Grote zaal Open: 20:00 uur Aanvang: 20:30 uur Ticket: €4,- Genre: Pop / Rock
Voorverkoopinfo: Discount ticket for members available
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You’re invited to become a part of EMI history!

The EMI Music Night is a celebration of local musical talent, bringing together students from our beautiful city! EMI has become a platform for emerging artists in Groningen, and surrounding areas, to showcase their talent and connect with the student community. Over the past years, the event has grown a lot, from small 50-person venues to now being able to have six talented musicians perform at Simplon!

Our organization is composed of three study associations: IK, EPU, and Mesa, who represent Arts, Culture and Media & Art History, American Studies, and Media Studies respectively. The event started as an event for the association members, but is open to everyone!

Join our evening to:

  • Witness the rise of local talent in the region!
  • Connect with fellow music lovers and artists in Groningen
  • Cheer on an event for and by the student community in Groningen!


Sammi Cool
Pocket Fish
A Thousand Mistakes