Delinquent Habits - Simplon

Delinquent Habits

Su 16 December 2018
Location: Grote zaal Open: 15:00 - 17:30 Start: 15:30 Ticket: €18,50 Genre: Hiphop
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With an attractive mix of Latino hip hop brings Delinquent Habits in the fall, when we need it the most, the sun to Simplon! The group originates from the lower-east side of LA and started in the golden age of hip hop by the urban-latin hip hop pioneers Ives Irie, Kemo the Blaxican and producer/DJ OG Style.

Delinquent Habits became globally famous around 1996 with the monster hit ‘Tres Delinquentes’. If you haven’t heard this worldwide hit yet you should definitely do this. Moreover, their debut album was quickly released after this hit and was sold over one million times.

The groups composition has fluctuated much in the past 25 years. For their last album named ‘It Could Be Round Two’, released in 2016, Kemo and Ives, the pioneers of Delinquent habits, came together with as result their most musically diverse album produced until now. You can hear hints of rock, funk, and soul in the album. All in all, you can expect an unique hip hop experience!