Delinquent Habits - Simplon

Homebase presents:
Delinquent Habits

+ Deejay Irie

Do 8 Juni 2023
Waar: Grote zaal Open: 20:00 uur Aanvang: 20:45 uur Ticket: €21,- Genre: Hiphop

California! Delinquent Habits is known for their Latin-tinged rap, which is both melodic and hardcore. The West Coast trio can be called legendary with a endless list of successful albums, singles and tours. In 2017 they even scored a hit single with ‘California’. They then came to Simplon in 2018 for a sold-out show, and now Homebase is bringing these absolute classics back to Groningen. Together with Cypress Hill Delinquent Habits is, to this day, one of the top ‘Spanglish’ rap bands. In short, you don’t want to miss this show!

The rap group formed in 1991 in Los Angeles. The trio, which then consisted of rappers Kemo and Ives and DJ/producer O.G. Style, was one of the first major Latino hip-hop acts, with a mix of English and Spanish lyrics. Their debut album Delinquent Habits¬†was released in 1996, was produced by Cypress Hill’s Sen Dog and mixed obscure funk with traditional Latin rhythms. It became a worldwide success, after which tours with acts such as The Fugees and Korn followed.

Delinquent Habits, now consisting of Kemo, Ives and DJ Invincible, knows how to surprise with a tireless energy. The West Coast hip-hop legends have been active once upon a time. More than twenty years after their debut single ‘Tres Delinquentes’, the Californians continue to tour the world tirelessly. During their show in Simplon, get ready for more hits, both from the band’s history and fresh material, more experience and more tequila than ever!