De Kraaien - Simplon

De Kraaien


Za 2 December 2023
Waar: Grote zaal Open: 20:00 uur Aanvang: 20:30 uur Ticket: €17,- Genre: Hip hop / Pop
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De Kraaien are back! The legendary masked hip-hop sensation from The Hague, De Kraaien, has been thundering through the Netherlands, Belgium, and beyond for years with the overwhelming success of ‘Ik Vind Je Lekker‘ in their pocket. The Underground Superstars are known for their unique sound and quirky language art, delivering hard-hitting, dirty beats with rugged lyrics that sometimes leave you wondering whether they mean it or if they’re just pulling your leg.

Bernd Gansebev and his crew continually surprise you with hard-hitting but ultra-fresh tracks. Hard beats and, of course, defiant raw Dutch lyrics are the staple ingredients of this urban underground formation. With hits like ‘Ik Vind Je Lekker‘ and ‘Pechvogel,’ De Kraaien have made a name for themselves. The hit ‘1 Team,’ in collaboration with hardstyle DJ Outsiders, once again demonstrates that De Kraaien aren’t afraid to embrace different styles.

After successful collaboration releases with The Hague’s DJs Charly Lownoise (Pony Remix) and DJ Outsiders (1 Team and Huichelaar), it’s time for a new album. This album showcases the new sound of Bernd Gansebev and superproducer Niels Zuiderhoek, featuring artists like Emmaly Brown, Botje, Hans Glock, Mastah Mic, and more. Smoke bombs, insane visuals, live musicians, artist features, strippers, or pole dancers – it’s still a surprise what they’ll bring to each show. But one thing is for sure, De Kraaien guarantee chaos of a high level, and standing still is not an option.

Support: SKINC

The quartet of rappers/producers has thrown all electronic styles into a blender, resulting in the remarkably unique smoothie known as SKINC. Winning the Nobel Award in 2022 was a great first step in the right direction for the boys. With their 2nd EP ‘In Het Rood,’ they challenged themselves to crank up the energy. By uniquely drawing from their own experiences in student life, SKINC creates a musical world to which most young people can relate. With their cheerful, uplifting beats and catchy lyrics, they are here to color Simplon!