(...)centraal + DOR - Simplon

(...)centraal + DOR

Simplon UP

Th 11 November 2021
Location: Bovenzaal Open: 20:30 Start: 21:00 Ticket: €3,- Genre: Rock
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For the writer of this piece, it’s unclear how to exactly pronounce (…)centraal. Maybe you can replace the dots with a city’s name of your liking and generate a fictional train station. Maybe this band doesn’t even like trains and I’m here philosophizing way too deep and you just pronounce it as dot-dot-dot-between-parenthesis-centraal. Anyway, it ís clear why you should come to UP tonight. (…)centraal – a band with seven (7!!!) members will cram itself onto our stage and will lighten us up with absurdist Dutch post-punk-pop. Think of the early period of Doe Maar or some forgotten 80s new wave band from Amsterdam’s squatting scenes, but contemporary, fresh and from Utrecht.

There is – of course – only one fitting act for (…)centraal, so we invited DOR to join us tonight. You should know them by them: DOR is Dutch band De Dijk if they would make cool indie rock and were from Groninger. DOR is best consumed (and I think the band would agree) with a lukewarm beer, so come on time ’cause the beers from our bar are as cold as they should be!