1UP: Je Bestelling + Retch & more - Simplon

1UP: Je Bestelling + Retch & more

Simplon UP

Do 30 Juni 2022
Waar: Bovenzaal Open: 20:30 uur Aanvang: 21:00 uur Ticket: €5,- Genre: Punk / Rock / Hiphop / Funk
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This night is a special edition of Simplon UP called 1UP. They welcome no less than six acts from all over the Netherlands who will turn our upstairs hall upside down and you definitely can’t stand still!

Je Bestelling sounds like “Like the love baby of Teeuwen&Smeenk and De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig,” a duo that mixes hip-hop with cabaret and a good dose of humor. These new creators from Zwolle are busy turning the scene upside down with their unique lyrics and earwormy choruses. Your order has been received.

Ultimate Crumpets , crumpets are English muffins made without eggs but with a name that sounds like a group of rebellious trumpets that was written out of The Muppet Show at the last minute. Tasty of course, but really something else than Ultimate Crumpets, the local band on stage at UP tonight. Whispers of a new band called Ultimate Crumpets have been going around for quite some time behind the scenes, but until April 27 of this year, I had no idea who its members were or what the group sounded like. After The King’s Garage Sale in VERA this year though, I can confidently say the band (featuring ex-Guard Llama and Kinoo members) sounds like 90s indie/alternative rock outfits like Guided by Voices and Buffalo Tom with a slight slacker edge reminiscent of Pavement and Dinosaur Jr. So: get yourself a ticket through our webshop or at the door (piracy is theft!), find your way upstairs in Simplon and enjoy one last concert before we enter summer!

Retch is nasty, rough and just punk. Saying what has to be said, a screaming frontman and especially a lot of noise, that’s Retch for you. The past months they developed themselves into an act where you almost have to fear for your life in the mosh pit, which is of course not true because the people in the mosh are kind enough to get you back on your feet, but that’s the sound that Retch produces. Retch is a great addition to Punk in Groningen and this evening they will probably destroy UP, which is a perfect ending right before the summer break.

Hugo Remmen is a vocalist and producer and part of the Arnhem-based music and art collective KlokPack6ix. His music can be described as a combination of noise-hop, hyper-hop and post-punk, and his live shows are bursting with energy, sweat and squeaking ears. Whether a track is about custard or relationship problems, they get a room moving.

Coco Coquelicot loves to mix many different genres together, fusing off-the-radar electronic gems with bass-heavy grooves and unknown or forgotten pop songs. She spent her teen years listening to jazz, but her first residency was at a rock café and during her later years as an art student she discovered her taste for the Queer scene. Because of this she gradually moved more towards the electronic styles. During her sets she always tries to create an environment of liberation and empowerment, and is looking at ways to connect different sounds, scenes and groups of people. Afters years of working mostly for small underground parties she became programmer for Relate Radio in 2021 as well as the first female resident of KopjeK. Expect a genre fluid set full of energy! 

In addition to Coco Coquelicot, DJ Daddy Long Dick will be present to spin the evening together!