The Great Communicators - Simplon

The Great Communicators

Fr 11 February 2022
Location: Bovenzaal Open: 20:00 Start: 20:45 Ticket: €10,- Genre: Indie
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They’re back for more: The Great Communicators are coming to Simplon in November! It’s been four long years, sometimes you have to tear everything down to save the future of the band. With their new singer Linda van Leeuwen, the band has acquired a new, groovy sound. The upcoming album ‘The Endless Haze’ features an indestructible band, a band that feels stronger than ever.

The Great Communicators have had quite a few successes already. They got off to a flying start in 2014 with their debut EP ‘Bide Your Time’, with which they stormed the Popronde. Their first album, ‘Lucky Horse’, was released in 2016. Shows followed at Noorderslag, Down The Rabbit Hole and in the Ziggo Dome as support for Kensington. The unstoppable machine came to a creaking halt when frontman Arend Dijkstra was unable to quickly write new material. The record label, booker and manager pulled out and suddenly the band was on its own.

The turmoil of recent years has poured the band into a heart-rending album during the recordings. The disappointment, the optimism, the doubt and the hope can be felt in every note. In ‘The Endless Haze’ influences from Beck, Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem can be heard. Held together by driving drum and bass parts, which put the razor-sharp guitars and swinging percussion in the spotlight to shine. You can listen to previews of this on the singles ‘Round The Bend’ and ‘Our Days’. The band also shows what they have in store, in their live shows, with fresh music that sounds passionate, yet light-hearted at the same time.