Talib Kweli - Simplon

Homebase presents:
Talib Kweli

Zo 20 Oktober 2019
Waar: Grote zaal
Open: 20:00 - 22:30 uur
Aanvang: 20:30 uur
VVK: € 23,50
DVK: € 25,50
Genre: Hiphop
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Homebase does it again! A big name in the hiphopscene at Simplon! Talib Kweli comes to Groningen for an exclusive show in The Netherlands.

It all started for Talib with Mos Def. They made the album ‘Black Star’ which became an international success. This is already twenty years ago and in the meantime the rapper delivered a nice list of solo albums. The man definitely has enough experience to talk about it in season three of the Netflix series Hiphop Evolution. Who knows Talib Kweli knows that his lyrics are politically oriented and that he is a so-called ‘conscious rapper’ with a strong flow and soulful beats.