Subterranean Street Society - Simplon

Subterranean Street Society

Sa 21 May 2022
Location: Bovenzaal Open: 20:00 Start: 20:45 Ticket: €10,- Genre: Rock
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Through a metal resonator, sharply abrasive hollow bass guitars, vintage cassette tape noise and dark drums you hear a rough voice telling poetic stories. This is Subterranean Street Society, a Danish-Dutch band that makes a mix of folk, rock and grunge. The band has been touring the world since 2016, with shows in New Zealand, England and Russia, among others. The trio has performed twice before at Simplon UP in our upstairs stage. Now with a new album in the bag, they are back with their own show!

It all started with singer-songwriter Louis Puggaard-Müller, who roamed Europe for years as a street musician. He moved to Amsterdam for love. Unfortunately, the love came to an end. In return he formed a strong bond with bassist Ivo Johan Schot and drummer Joost Koevoets. Together they started recording what would later become the album ‘Twelve Steps’, which is about alcoholism. The band released the album through a live stream last November at Melkweg, and it was very well-received and praised by the music press. We are very curious to hear how Subterranean Street Society will present the album live. It will be tough, explosive and unpredictable, that’s for sure!