Stukafest: Afterparty - Simplon

Stukafest: Afterparty

Rens, Jaïr & Ome Uncle + Historian + Black Dynamite

Do 11 Mei 2023
Waar: Grote zaal Open: 23:00 - 02:00 uur Genre: Hiphop / Rock
Voorverkoopinfo: Tickets zijn verkrijgbaar via Stukafest
Historian is a rock band with a true love for the past. Sharply dressed and with a vintage feel, Historian merges the pioneering music of Led Zeppelin with the driving force of Jack White. The four piece band makes good use of the stacked overdrives and a road-worn Hammond organ to blow you away with timeless music!

Rens, Jaïr & Ome Uncle, popularly known as RJO, prefers to take risks. They don’t stick to genres and are musically driven by a love of brutality. With a mix of rap, electronic pop and lots of fun, they create funky tunes with a feel good vibe.

The dirtiest trio from Amsterdam is a notorious sensation. During the energetic, passionate and completely sweaty live shows, they build a unique bond with the audience, managing to win over every room. With complete surrender, driving productions and catchy vocal lines, the trio is a guaranteed festival demolition act. Expect to laugh, sweat and most of all forget all your worries.

In addition, RJO provides a constant stream of new music, video clips and tour videos. The ambition, the dream and the goal is to become the best live act in the Benelux. 3voor12, AT5 and Het Parool have already written about the unmistakable chemistry and the promise is that the group will take great leaps.

Black Dynamite will blast some funky tunes and spin the discs like only he knows. Prepare yourself to get lost away on the grooves of the vinyl!