Salutingrome + MOMSNAME - Simplon

Simplon UP
Salutingrome + MOMSNAME

Do 14 December 2023
Waar: Bovenzaal Open: 20:30 uur Aanvang: 21:00 uur Ticket: €3,- Deur: €3,- Genre: Indie / Pop / Rock / Jazz
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When Art Rock merges with Jazz, Blues, and Folk, Salutingrome comes to light. Salutingrome began as an atmospheric solo experiment by Zamity Mitelembe and has evolved into a poetic and genre-crossing live format. As a band, with a stage personality greatly influenced by Mitelembe’s work in the theater, Salutingrome plays an abrasive mix of noise-rock, post-punk, and blues. Featuring Victor Keyser on guitar, Max van Westerop on bass, and Tijmen Aalberts on drums. In July of this year, they released their first EP ‘Last Warning.’ Raw yet warm guitars, crushing drums, and dreamy chords come together with powerful vocals and poetry to create an untouched and mysterious forest where you can wander aimlessly for hours.

MOMSNAME is an indie pop band that combines melancholic lyrics and vocals with overwhelming, dreamy, and unique electric guitar sounds. In July 2023, they released their first EP titled ‘Blossom,’ in which personal stories and struggles from the past lead to a period of flourishing for lead singer Esmee Thiescheffer. MOMSNAME takes you by the hand through a field of red roses, places you in a warm bed of leaves, with the aim of offering the listener recognition and solace in the challenging realities of life such as heartbreak, drug use, depression, and love. In 2022, they reached the finals of the Kleine Prijs with this act and have blessed people with their hopeful vibrations in many places in the northern part of the country up to the present.

These two acts will create a unique atmosphere that you won’t want to miss!”