S.T.A.D. + HALA - Simplon

Simplon UP

Do 21 September 2023
Waar: Bovenzaal Open: 20:30 uur Aanvang: 21:00 uur Ticket: €3,- Genre: Avantgarde / Jazz
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S.T.A.D. is an experimental instrumental psychedelic/jazz/fusion/rock band from Groningen. The trio drags you through the different music genres like a crazy trip through different dimensions. For example, the well-known clownfish has moved to land in a song called Nemo the Cat and S.T.A.D. brings a confusing ode to a well-known drunk pilot in Stuntpiloot. These songs are on S.T.A.D.’s first EP, which can be found on YouTube. Come listen to S.T.A.D. at Simplon UP, because the guys from S.T.A.D. will rock your world by weaving every imaginable topic into an instrumental song that always ends in a great jam!

Get ready for a night with the cute, absurd and a bit evil music from HALA!

HALA was formed in 2017 in the basement of Atelier “Il sole in cantina” in Groningen – a place known for its experimental journeys.

This quartet is exploring a diverse, theatrical and audible interplay based on the

fairytale-like compositions and voice by Helene Matthia. Helene Matthia Richter is a composer, vocal artist, visual artist and improviser from Germany. Since 2014 she has been writing and arranging her own compositions for unique instrumental constellations for HALA.  With Arno Bakker on sousaphone, Jorrit Westerhof on guitar and Gerri Jäger on drums, the band is complete!

Their unconventional, surprising music will make for an energetic live performance at our stage! They spend the summer writing new music and are excited to perform and shine on stage!