Onaf + Between Plateaus - Simplon

Simplon UP:
Onaf + Between Plateaus

Th 2 February 2023
Location: Bovenzaal Open: 20:30 - 21:00 Ticket: €3,- Genre: Electronic, Pop, Garage
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Between Plateaus is a group of four from Groningen who have come together to create a unique blend of pop, rock, electronic, and garage music. Powerful vocals, flashy guitar leads, laid-back chill beats, and electronic and garage-influenced rhythms fuel their songs and performances. This starting band had their first gig at the Faculty of Arts festival in Groningen four months ago and also released their first two songs in 2022. The latest song is called Black & Blue, an indie pop song with an impressive bridge of synths and guitar. To keep it simple and clear, Between Plateaus describes their music in three words: Beats. Vocals. Guitar.

Onaf (Olaf Visser) is a 28-year-old spoken-word pop artist from Groningen. Onaf wrote poems, but ‘who reads poems?’ So he wrote a debut album of Dutch music poems that he named Bundel and released it in May 2022. Melancholy yet driven, or as his students say: Weird. Songs about love, no love, sex, men, women, trains and crying: “as long as possible, and then a few tears like a little burp.” The subjects are reminiscent of the lyrics of Lucky Fonz III and Bundel is somewhat like the early work of a young Spinvis, but Onaf’s album is more electronic and experimental. Onaf performs his music poems with synths, saxophone and drums during this UP!