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Za 25 November 2023
Waar: Bovenzaal Open: 20:00 uur Aanvang: 20:45 uur Ticket: €13,50 Genre: Indie / Pop
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Combine indie, pop, and rap, and you have NONCHELANGE. Maarten Hutman, the mastermind behind NONCHELANGE, released his debut album ‘Muziek voor de Luisteraar’ earlier this year, on which he reflects his sometimes absurd, narcissistic, but often lighthearted view of the harsh reality of life. He himself crowned the album as “the best Dutch-language indie-pop album ever” – and not without reason, as his album received numerous glowing reviews from, for example, OOR and 3voor12.

Initially, the born and raised Ommenaar (a village near Zwolle) wrote many imitation Faberyayo songs and created an album that he ultimately discarded. The Popacademy in Leeuwarden then became the starting point for NONCHELANGE. Hutman had found his sound, and he gradually succeeded in blending his love for indie and the drum sounds of Tame Impala with the peculiar Dutch hip-hop he was a fan of, transforming it into something unique. The artist now resides in Utrecht and has collaborated with artists like Jasper Maekelberg (Balthazar/Warhaus/Faces On TV) and LE MOTAT.

NONCHELANGE provides just the right mix of everything, and when it threatens to become estranging, he may sketch a recognizable situation or thought process for you. His tracks often contain depressive lyrics with deeper layers. Performing it in this way makes it digestible. In fact, during his shows, a party-like atmosphere often emerges. As far as Maarten is concerned, you can sometimes celebrate the melancholy. He has previously performed at events like Noorderslag, Paaspop, Wildeburg, and Into The Woods, and on November 25th, he will come to Simplon to blend in with the audience.

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Dutch indie-pop artist Muylike is back with new music and a brand new live-show after an exciting year with the release of his debut-album, a packed release-show in EKKO and a support-show for Chef’Special in a sold-out Ziggodome. Leading up to the second album ‘COUNT ME OUT’ Muylike has been expanding his musical palette with influences from the 60’s, pop and punk combined with his catchy, uplifting sound. With his close5-piece band he shares these new songs on stage with a show packed with groovy, dynamic songs and infectious energy.