Moonloops - Simplon


+ Roodnoot

Vr 12 Januari 2024
Waar: Bovenzaal Open: 20:00 uur Aanvang: 20:45 uur Ticket: €5,- Deur: €5,- Genre: Pop / Indie
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Sarah Dekker, the mastermind behind Moonloops, began her artistic career in her own cozy bedroom. With the help of a well-worn guitar, a soft and clear voice, and a mind full of stories, the songs could continue to flow. This took shape in the album “Ghost” (2020) and several singles. During this period, Moonloops gained a lot of stage experience and expanded the boundaries of her own room. Her EP “Little Astronaut” went online in the spring of 2023; an autobiographical record that explores themes such as home, loneliness, friendship, misunderstanding, and love with magical songs that linger in the mind. The B-side of this record, “Big Dreams,” will be released on January 12 and will further explore these themes. Both her DIY roots and her big dreams are reflected in this new chapter of her growth as a young adult and musician. So, on January 12, Simplon will have the honor of hosting this talent for a release event!

All aboard for the lift-off?! You can’t let this one-way ticket to the moon pass you by.

Support comes from Roodnoot! With warm acoustic harmonies, he will provide the tank of our spaceship with more than enough fuel! Roodnoot is the brainchild of Bob Barlag, born during the warm summer of 2018 as a tribute to the eponymous art farm outside Utrecht. He stayed there that summer, and the openness and freedom of the location inspired him to write a collection of songs. The “Roodnoot EP” was released at the end of 2019. In October, he released a brand new EP; “When All Is Said And Done.” In a narrative manner, Roodnoot manages to bring themes such as finitude, growing up, and uncertainty to a soothing whole with the help of powerful vocals.