Milda Deltuvaite + Marta Popovici - Simplon

Simplon UP
Milda Deltuvaite + Marta Popovici

Do 25 April 2024
Waar: Bovenzaal Open: 20:30 - 21:00 uur Ticket: €3,- Genre: Indie / Jazz / HipHop
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Milda Deltuvaitè is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter from Lithuania. She performs her original music using a loop station, guitar, or keys, and loops many layers with her voice. Milda can offer you a balance of ambient, jazz, indie, and electronic experimentation with sensitive lyrics and her own authenticity. The artist describes her musical evolution as a continuous flow of change and progress, fueled by her love for various genres and her background in classical and jazz. When writing songs, she usually starts with the music, drawing inspiration from the night sky, dreams, and life experiences. She studied at the Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen and is currently working on her album “Universe” and has already released two songs, “Universe” and “Trust,” on platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. In addition to her original compositions, she often plays jazz standards, particularly favoring ballads for their deeper meaning and their ability to express emotions. Milda Deltuvaitè sees music as a means of sharing empathy and sensitivity, writing from her own experiences and observations of the world around her.


A: Scientist, B: Singer, or C: Writer? 

If you ask Cassandra Onck, the answer is always D: all of the above.

This curious girl discovered early on that the most important things in life are learned by doing them. Now, Cassandra Onck sings about the questions we don’t ask in school and embodies the connection between art and science. Her sharp, Dutch-language lyrics are a loving weapon against entrenched norms. At the conservatory in Arnhem, she drew inspiration from both HipHop greats and chansonniers, while also devouring scientific articles on neuroscience and philosophy. She doesn’t feel the need to choose one path; driven by curiosity and creativity, she seeks beauty in our complex existence. In 2023, Cassandra Onck released her new EP “Fractalnoia”, a personal journey:  “After the sudden death of my father, I felt like all solid ground was disappearing beneath my feet… We try desperately not to succumb to the everyday grind. But, (spoiler alert) even though we can track our pizza deliveries in real-time, we truly don’t have control over life’s most important aspects.” For Fractalnoia, Cassandra engaged with people outside her own experience, from astronomers to Jehovah’s Witnesses, seeking new building blocks to navigate the uncertainties of life.