MC Braaksmaak en Zieke Ziscus + Beathoven - Simplon

Simplon UP
MC Braaksmaak en Zieke Ziscus + Beathoven

Do 26 Oktober 2023
Waar: Bovenzaal Open: 20:30 uur Aanvang: 21:00 uur Ticket: €3,- Genre: Hiphop / Nederhop
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Come to the EP release of MC Braaksmaak and Zieke Ziscus, two lost boys lost in the depths of their own imagination. Listen to their texts stacked with linguistic skills and verbal fantasy. They take themselves extremely seriously – so you don’t have to. Join UP the 26th of October and meet these two bastard sons that Nederhop never wanted to birth.

The guys from Beathoven conjure classics from a laptop, a record player and a good amount of lack of sleep. They rap about sports betting and the shortcomings of the student loan system, so get ready for an interesting session. Sonic Youth and Mozart can’t compete. – Welmoed