Lövestad - Simplon


2.5hr Concert

Vr 21 Februari 2020
Waar: Grote zaal Open: 20:00 - 01:00 uur Aanvang: 21:00 uur Ticket: €12,- Deur: €15,- Genre: House
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Saturday the 6th of October still resonates in our minds as an insane night filled with amazing house. The Lövestad guys performed a mind-blowing live set during one of the first Wildernis events. Now they are back for a 2.5-hour concert!

With a shared passion for music they started jamming. They rose to fame this way and soon shows in the Panorama bar and many festivals followed. Now they’re an established name in Europe, but this is the very first time they will be giving a 2.5-hour concert. You can expect more instruments, guest artists, synths and improvisation in ways that were unknown to mankind before. Known tracks will be expanded, new music will blow you away and they will teach you the stories behind their music. Intimate, but you won’t be able to stop dancing.

Early Bird: €9,- (sold out)
Regular: €12,-
Late Bird: €15,-

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