Koi Forest + Matoya + femboy slim - Simplon

Simplon UP
Koi Forest + Matoya + femboy slim

Do 7 December 2023
Waar: Bovenzaal Open: 20:30 uur Aanvang: 21:00 uur Ticket: €3,- Deur: €3,- Genre: Neo-Soul
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It’s time for a night with two neo-soul bands at UP!

It’s not by accident that the koi carp, a creature from Chinese mythology, appears in both the name and logo of the band Koi Forest. Much like the carp, which is known to swim upstream, Koi Forest’s music sonically swims against the current. Inspired by this mythical creature, the band takes you to mythical places and unknown atmospheres with their music. With deep grooves, fairy-tale harmonies, and visual stimuli, they guide you through the deep forests where everything is just slightly different. Koi Forest consists of four band members: drummer Koen Gardebroek, bassist/pianist Deborah Slijkhuis, guitarist Sebastiaan Visser, and singer Selma Ebbens. In May 2023, the band released their first single ‘More’, a delightful soul song to get lost in, with captivating instrumental solos towards the end. In short, you don't want to miss this opportunity to journey into the mythical realms of Koi Forest!

At UP, you’ll also be captivated by the versatile sounds of MATOYA, a band consisting of talented musicians from Groningen. The band features soloists Joost van der Bijl and Marnick Postma, along with Lima Osta, the singer born in Belarus with a past as a participant in the X Factor there. The band creates jazzy neo-soul, which, thanks to Osta’s vocals, adds an extra dramatic touch. Despite their diverse cultural backgrounds, the shared love for Neo-Soul and old school R&B brings this unlikely group of friends together, resulting in a unique sound that warms your heart and invites your body to dance. MATOYA is ready to share their original music with the world!

~ Leanne