KIEFF + The Klittens - Simplon

KIEFF + The Klittens

Simplon UP

Do 12 September 2019
Waar: Bovenzaal Open: 20:30 - 23:30 uur Aanvang: 21:30 uur Ticket: €3,- Deur: €3,- Genre: Postpunk / Rock
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The Dutch band KIEFF from Leiden is a prime example of eternal youth. While they just started living a more adult kind of life – or, so they say – their music captures how easy to dance to and fun immaturity can be. Their debut EP ‘Demo’ shows more of a sound akin to a rough, psychedelic haze than their latest release ‘Noise/Relapse’ which features songs that are more straight and rhythmic. In general KIEFF creates fierce post-punk with a joyful edge, combined with chaotic melodies and acute rhythms. They kind of sound like the cheerful if not mischievous little brother of the Californian band Wavves. Psychedelic-infused post-punk that makes you want to dance, one of Holland’s finest. No reason to miss out on them, right?

Pretend you’re in a 90s girl-power teen movie with the rough sound of The Klittens. These five, Amsterdam-based girls create a rattling, sleazy postpounk sound. Songs are strung together with some indie-fuz, a dash of DIY and a dose of feminism. The result is a repertoire of morbid songs, centered around the stripped quality of punk. But don’t fret: the girls may produce a dark, hazy sound, their image is slightly more nuanced, as seen from the amount of memes used to promote the band. The Klittens slowly crawl out of the underground-scene, just got back from a UK-tour and will be opening for Tacocat in September, so you’ll hear more from these girls. Don’t fuck with The Klittens.