Golden Dawn Arkestra - Simplon

Golden Dawn Arkestra

Su 5 June 2022
Location: Bovenzaal Open: 20:30 Start: 21:00 Ticket: €16,- Genre: Psych Rock
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The twelve-member collective Golden Dawn Arkestra is a group of artists who travel the world with a cosmic message: “Music transcends time and space.” Their sound is somewhere between disco, soul, psych rock and Brazilian tropicália. Together they have joined forces to save the planet with this and transcend us!

They themselves have Texas as their earthly home, but their disciples are scattered all over the world. Golden Dawn Arkestra is more than just a band, they are time travelers who have been traveling through space for millions of years. Dressed in wide robes and regal ornaments, they overwhelm you with a wall of percussion, drums, guitars, and harmony vocals. Take all your cares and let them go, because these solar children possess healing powers