Geonne Hartman + Sam & Flip - Simplon

Geonne Hartman + Sam & Flip

Simplon UP

Do 24 Oktober 2019
Waar: Bovenzaal
Open: 20:30 - 23:30 uur
Aanvang: 21:30 uur
VVK: € 3,-
DVK: € 3,-
Genre: Singer / Songwriter
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Géonne Hartman takes you on a whimsical journey through the dreamscape she so skillfully shapes with her music. Her soft, clear voice strings together the poetic lyrics under the guidance of rich chords and playful melodies. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Utrecht makes intimate, folky indie with a quirky twist. Her inspiration stems from Eefje de Visser, Julia Jacklin and Laura Marling, just to name a few. Embrace the mysterious, come and listen to Géonne.

The second performance of tonight will be given by the duo Sam Broer and Flip Lijnzaad. They share more than a passion for each other. Together they play intimate songs using solely vocals and guitar. You might know Sam from Moon Almighty and Flip wasn’t unexperienced either before the two decided to conjoin forces. Musically speaking, the duo considers itself having a relationship like Yin and Yang. Sam is inspired by minor mode and is a devoted lyricist. Flip on the other hand derives his idea from major mode and is focused on guitar playing. We are curious to find out how they will mix up their repertoire.