Frayle - Simplon


+ Onhou

Di 8 November 2022
Waar: Bovenzaal Open: 20:30 uur Aanvang: 21:00 uur Ticket: €11,- Genre: Doom Metal
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The fascination with black magic and witchcraft is characteristic of Frayle. This band from Cleveland (USA) makes unique, distinctive and beautiful doom metal. They themselves call it “Heavy Witch Doom, music for the night sky”.

The core of the band was formed in 2015 with vocalist and above all “white witch” Gwyn Strang and guitarist Sean Bilovecky. They started out as clothing designers, but then together found their sound that lies somewhere between a heavy Black Sabbath and a gothic Portishead. The debut album ‘1692’ is a logical follow-up to the first EP ‘The White Witch’ from 2018. The heavy doom still has a hypnotic effect and the vocals blend seamlessly into the dark, eerie soundscapes. Influences of Chelsea Wolfe and Sleep are audible in the long dragging songs including compelling videos.


Support for tonight will be Onhou
The band was founded in 2016 and consists of previous and current members of Ravenwiek, Grinding Halt and Ortega.

Rooted in Groningen, Onhou embodies their northern heritage by mixing desolate sludgy doomriffs with miserable post-metal atmospheres, embracing the sinister history of the soil that made them.