Evil Invaders - Simplon

Evil Invaders

+ Cryptosis + Overruled

Za 30 April 2022
Waar: Bovenzaal Open: 20:00 uur Aanvang: 20:45 uur Ticket: €15,- Genre: Metal

In their home country they had already built up quite a live reputation, but when their debut EP was released in 2013 Evil Invaders also cast a lot of eyes outside of Belgium. They put Belgian thrash metal even more on the map worldwide when their first album ‘Pulses Of Pleasure’ was released in 2015. Two years later they joined forces with label Napalm Records from which their second album ‘Feed Me Violence’ was born.

As support they bring futuristic multi-metal band Cryptosis from our own Netherlands. Rising from the ashes of old school thrash band Distillator, this band brings a whole new sound that is guaranteed to blow you away. Evil Invaders’ fellow countrymen Schizophrenia will open the evening. Brutal death/thrash metal with grooving mid-tempo elements accompanied by guitar solos and ferocious vocals: with their debut EP ‘Voices’ this young, promising band shows what they have in store.