CUT_ - Simplon


In The Round

Za 16 Maart 2019
Waar: Kleine zaal Open: 21:00 - 23:30 uur Aanvang: 21:30 uur Ticket: €11,- Deur: €11,- Genre: Electronic
Voorverkoopinfo: Prijzen incl. €1,- servicekosten
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In recent years, CUT_ have put their stamp on the electronic live scene of the Netherlands. This duo creates quirky, deep pop songs with compelling synths, angular rhythms and sharp vocals. The stratification resulting from a unique vision on pop music which distances itself from traditions and conventions is perfect for an unforgettable live experience. Immerse yourself in another world in which they pull you close against themselves, whisper in you ear softly and throw you back onto the dance floor with hypnotizing beats.

The album ‘A Small Group Of Individuals’, which is yet to be released, takes you to an intimate world of failed love and vulnerability. On the opposite side are the sweltering sensuality and raw, angular songs which translate their vision on society. Every song is represented by a different persona. Another side within one and the same person. This story, about this small group of individuals, is presented in a small amount of exclusive shows where they will visit the center of the floor. They have created a special setup especially for these shows. Being the audience, you will swarm around the band and you will end up in the intimate world which won’t let you go until the last note. Brace yourselves for an exceptional and unique experience.