Chauffeur + Fred Goverde - Simplon

Chauffeur + Fred Goverde

Simplon UP

Do 10 Oktober 2019
Waar: Bovenzaal
Open: 20:30 - 23:30 uur
Aanvang: 21:30 uur
VVK: € 3,-
DVK: € 3,-
Genre: Post Hardcore / Emo / Rock
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This banging loud duo from Arnhem will shake Simplon to it’s grounds. With only bass, drums and vocals on the menu, the low frequencies will be rushing through your whole body. Exactly at the point of fainting, this chauffeur will show up in your street. With a combination of grunge, stoner, post-hardcore and lyrics about the darkest times of life it’ll be one hell of a ride. Vocals right on point and dynamic songs makes this a must see! Check out their self-titled EP from last year and you’ll know what i mean. Drive your taxi straight into the moshpitt because it’s going down!