Yowsah! - Simplon


Razzmic + Ingo the Gringo + Coco Coquelicot

Fr 24 March 2023
Location: Bovenzaal Open: 23:55 - 04:00 Start: 23:55 Ticket: €5,- Deur: €7,- Genre: Eclectic / Jazz / Electronica / Grooves Age: 18+
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Adventures in rhythm and grooves!

With Yowsah! we dive into another night full of musical adventure!

Razzmic from Utrecht will blur the lines between all kinds of soulful genres. Ingo the Gringo explores the edges of danceable jazz and Coco Coquelicot takes you into a whirlwind of rhythms.

The dance floor is calling!

⇢ Line-up
Ingo the Gringo
Coco Coquelicot