Winter Socks vol. II - Simplon

Mr. Wallace presents:
Winter Socks vol. II

Fr 11 January 2019
Location: Grote zaal Open: 20:00 - 00:00 Start: 21:00 Ticket: €10,- Deur: €10,- Genre: Ska Presale information: Prijzen incl. €1,- servicekosten
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When the days are cold and short, the holidays are over and New Year’s Eve seems far away… What will you do to survive the darkest time of the year?

Exactly one year ago, hundreds of brave citizens of Groningen resisted the temptation of a comfortable hibernation. Instead, they hiked to Simplon Groningen for the first edition of Winter Socks. And with this beautiful act of wintry solidarity, a tradition was born!

Mr. Wallace is now delighted to announce a new and improved edition of Winter Socks. On the 11th of January you will be treated to an evening filled with hot grooves and plenty of healthy beverages to warm both body and soul. So dry your noses, shake the snow from your sleeves and get your dance on with Mr. Wallace!

Also: wear Christmas socks to get a drink for free!

Mr. Wallace
Jan Terlouw Junior & The Nightclub
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DJ: Radio Utopia Soundsystem