Wake UP: Cøltrui + Bosbrand - Simplon

Simplon UP
Wake UP: Cøltrui + Bosbrand

Do 7 September 2023
Waar: Bovenzaal Open: 20:30 uur Aanvang: 21:00 uur Ticket: €3,- Genre: Punk / Noise Punk
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It’s time for Wake UP, the first Simplon UP of the new season, where two noisepunk acts take the stage to wake up Simplon!

Bosbrand manipulates sound into deafening tones with a hint of dreamy ambience and a thick layer of noisy punk. Consisting of ambient noise punk wizards Rafael Keijzer and Sem Smeets, Bosbrand started as a graduation project inspired by artists such as Ramleh, Aphex Twin and Merzbow. Earlier this year, the duo played for example in Neushoorn and at Pigeonfest. Their album Barbed wired necklace (2023) can be found on Soundcloud, an unedited session full of pain, anger, sadness and love. Bosbrand brings an enormous amount of noise to Wake UP, exploring the absolute edge of music until the amps are on fire!

Clink, clank, shatter and destroy. Cöltrui is a sound connoisseur who tries. Còltrui does things with intent, or not, and is not known. Cøltrui is a loud arrangement of music stuff, inspired by others like Gilla Band, Black Midi and Death Grips. Cӫltrui will give you a poorly dosed amount of noise to drown out any unwelcome thoughts. Cȭltrui come, regularly above the decibel limit and gritty sound paid for with money, from Leeuwarden. All coming together for better or worse. Agreed. In other words, brace yourself for this unhealthy trio of noise that will Wake you UP.