Sputnik - Simplon


Russian Hardbass

Za 20 Juni 2020
Waar: Grote zaal
Open: 23:00 - 05:00 uur
Aanvang: 23:00 uur
VVK: € 8,50
DVK: € 10,-
Genre: Russian Hardbass
Leeftijd: 18+
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What is going on?! The cold wind breezes through our tracksuits and suddenly the Third World War appears on our radars. Luckily, Mother Russia is here to party! Sputnik points her 7.62-mm Avtomat Kalasjnikova at April and grabs Groningen’s semechki once again.

Put your vodka in the freezer… we mobilise the North and push through to the perestrojka. Let me hear the f*cking bass, blyat!

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Early Bird: € 6,- (sold out)
Regular: €8,50
Comrade Ticket (5 friends): € 34,-
Door: € 10,-