Scouting For Girls - Simplon

Scouting For Girls

Fr 25 November 2022
Location: Grote zaal Open: 20:00 Start: 21:00 Ticket: €17,50 Genre: Pop
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With their second album ‘Everybody Wants To Be On Tv’ in 2010, they became world famous overnight. They sold two million albums, scored big hits with songs like ‘This Ain’t A Love Song’ and ‘She’s So Lovely’, and performed at the biggest festivals. All these years later, the three men of Scouting For Girls are still unstoppable. This autumn they are finally coming to the Netherlands for three shows, including one in Simplon!

The past two years were also different for Scouting For Girls. They were forced to sit at home and briefly enjoyed a simple life. They immersed themselves again in the music and culture of their youth in the 80s. What should have been a summer full of festivals, 2020 became the year Scouting For Girls sat in the studio to record an album full of upbeat covers from the 80s. ‘Easy Cover’ has become an album to celebrate these hits, to give people as much joy as possible when they get to be back on stage. Along with their greatest hits and newest songs, that’s going to be a blast!